The Smith is a profession that are the artisans of Repairing and even have the ability to Repair arcane armor, albeit with a chance of failure. Smiths are very dependable when you need your goods fixed. They also have access to Dwarf Forges, Forges that utilise the energy of lava for infinite smelting capability.

Skill Level MP Damage Cooldown Reagants Effects
ImprovedQuarry 10 Granted the ability to construct improved Quarries, allowing a much greater cashflow.
Dwarf Forge 20 Can construct DwarfForges.(See below.)
Diamond Refinery 30 Granted the ability to construct Diamond Refineries, allowing a much greater cashflow.
DwarfForge for Bukkit Demo05:17

DwarfForge for Bukkit Demo

Dwarf Forge Demonstration.

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