How to BuildEdit

  1. Build the Barrel with 2-8 wool blocks.
  2. Attach a button to both ends.
  3. Place a torch (The fuse) at the start of the barrel.

How to useEdit

  1. Right click the barrel with some gunpowder, anywhere from 1-2 times depending on how much power you want.
  2. Right click the barrel with any of the available Cannonball types.
  3. Fire by either rightclicking the torch or button.

Note: Cannons will only do block damage to an enemy faction land when they have a member online.

Cannonball typesEdit

Material Premium Only Size
Stone No Small
Cobblestone No Small
Obsidian No Medium
TNT Yes Large

Note: All cannon types break through water and obsidian.

Video TutorialEdit

Restormel RPG PVP Server - Cannons-004:33

Restormel RPG PVP Server - Cannons-0


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