Mages manipulate the arcane to cast various types of magic on their foes and allies. What they lack in high HP they make up for in heavy damage.

Skill Level MP Damage Cooldown Reagants Effect
Potion 1 Potion You can drink potions
Mark and Recall 1 5 3 mins

Redstone (10)

Mark a location to recall to.
Icebolt 1 10 100 2

Cast an Icebolt that slows for 2 seconds.

Fireball 10 15 130 2.5 Cast a Fireball that causes fire damage over time
Wisdom 20 10 3 minutes Increase Party Mana Regen for 30 seconds.
Blink 30 15 8 seconds Blink forward upto 10 blocks.
Position Swap 30 25 50 25 seconds Swap positions with the target
Healbomb 40 20 15 seconds Heal in a target radius
Fireskin 50 30 90 seconds Become lava and fire immune
Firewall 60 20 200 90 seconds Create a wall of fire for 5-10 seconds,dealing huge damage

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