The first of the Undead and all sentient creatures to master the Soul Arts after the fall of Tharycius.

Skill Level MP Damage Cooldown Reagants Effect
Potion 1 Potion You can drink potions
Mark and Recall 1 5 3 mins


Mark a location to recall to.
Icebolt 1 10 100 2

Cast an Icebolt that slows for 2 seconds.

Fireball 10 15 130 2.5 Cast a Fireball that causes fire damage over time
Wisdom 20 10 3 minutes Increase Party Mana Regen for 30 seconds.
Blink 30 15 8 seconds Blink forward upto 10 blocks.
Position Swap 30 25 50 25 seconds Swap positions with the target
Healbomb 40 20 15 seconds Heal in a target radius
Fireskin 50 30 90 seconds Become lava and fire immune
Firewall 60 20 200 90 seconds Create a wall of fire for 5-10 seconds,dealing huge damage

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