Restormel has a unique way of inspiring PVP combat. The server has 5 forts located South of spawn which are raidable and capturable by players for their race (Undead or Human) for an experience and cash reward.

4 of the forts are considered minor forts (Fort Redman, Crowhaven Tower, Fort Doublecross, and Fort Sutch) with one fort (Fort Istirus) considered a major fort, being only capturable after the other 4 minor forts have been captured for your race. The rewards for capturing this fort are substantially greater than capturing the other minor forts.

Capturing a FortEdit

Capturing a Fort is a simple process. Simply have three people of the same race enter the Forts capture region (Usually inside the actual fort.) It does take a while to capture the fort but it is always well worth it, as you are rewarded for capturing and defending forts (Inside the fort area, players drop 10% of their total funds when killed inside of the fort). If a player of the opposing race enters the fort region, they must be killed or the capture will not progress any further.

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